Traefik and External-dns: Naming Magic

I have spoken in a previous story about setting up Traefik on Kubernetes to act as an ingress controller. Now let’s image you have a cluster that you want your developers to use. They are good guys (like all Developers right?) and have designed some nice Helm charts that allow them to spin up a new web site from Jenkins using your shiny ingress controller. But hang on why am I getting 404? [Read More]

Traefik Ingress with Kubernetes on AWS

Authors note: The following article is based on the experience of building out a Kubernetes deploy in AWS for a very large, high volume web workload. Statements made may not apply to your situation, but should give you guidance on why Ingress is awesome, and how to get the most out of Traefik. Please apply some common sense. You’re smart after all right? So you built a Kubernetes Cluster on AWS using say KOP’s or EKS. [Read More]